2020 Think Big

2019-01-15 ~ 2020-12-13

This exhibition integrates shipping expertise and was planned by design agency INCEPTION Cultural and Creative Company. Designer Norio Nakamura was invited to come up with the key visual design. He used the “design” perspective of THINK BIG to reconstruct the importance of “containers” in everyday life, the future, and shipping. Eight emerging Taiwanese talents in the fields of graphic design, illustration, metalworking, collage art, 3D printing, printing, and architectural design were also invited to collaborate with the exhibition.


As innovations in transportation have narrowed the distance between countries, “shipping” has become the primary method for the international exchange of goods. “Containers” play a significant role within shipping. These rectangular metal boxes carry goods from all corners of the world and travel by sea day and night to bring fresh Alaskan cod to dinner plates, Vietnam-manufactured clothing to closets, and Taiwan-made computers to European shopping centers. In fact, if you carefully look at everything around you, you’ll realize that nearly all the objects reached their destinations inside containers shipped by sea.


Can containers be used for purposes other than stowing goods? This exhibition not only takes you through the ins and outs of containers, but also gives you the opportunity to think outside the box through the disassembly and reorganization of these metal boxes. When you see their unlimited potential, you’ll not only THINK, but also THINK BIG!