TEU -Yan Ming Shipping Global Container Transportation Exhibition

2017-01-12 ~ 2020-12-31

With the enlargement of ships and globalization of trade, the standard container –"TEU" (twenty feet equivalent unit) has become a common unit for transnational transportation vehicles.

One TEU carry not only daily consumables, but also heavy machinery, chemicals and raw materials. In 2016, the largest container ship of the Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp could carry 14,000 TEU containers in one go. Stack these containers together and the height would be equal to 4 Mount Everest. The enormity of container ship traffic is self-evident.

Before the dawn of plane travel, canoes and boats were the main means of connecting this island and the outside world. We started by trading between riverbanks and this evolved into transoceanic international commerce. Today shipping remains the most important mode of transportation in global trade. 

Container ships that run between the ports of every nation are like numerous floating islands that string together not only commerce, but also the expectations of both ends. If you are ready, please open up that cargo ship within your heart, and load it with TEU full of "maritime knowledge" !